Express Service

Hondatec's Express Service is specifically designed to compliment vehicles used under severe driving conditions. Such as:
A - Repeated short distance driving (e.g. Up to 8kms, or stop start    driving or idling for long periods)
B - Driving in dusty conditions
C - Driving in extremely hot conditions (over 32'C)
D - Driving on rough and / or muddy roads
E - Towing a trailer or driving in mountainous conditions
With Hondatec's Express Service there is:

  • Service intervals at every 5000km or 3 months time period
  • No appointment necessary
  • Total time of 30 minutes approximately
  • Engine oil and filter are replaced, and critical, safety and  other items are inspected at the same time. See the express service schedule below.
  • Express service hours are from 9 AM to 1 PM and 3 PM to 6 PM.

Please note that there may be slight delays due to waiting queues.

Express Service Schedule:

Every 5000 km (or 3 months) intervals


Engine Oil


Engine Oil Filter




Parking Brake & Adjust if Required


Fluid Levels & Top up if Required


Lights, Horns, Wipers, Washers and Warning Lights


Front & Rear Brakes


Steering Rack, Tie Rod Ends and Tie Rod Boots


Suspension Components


Driveshaft Boots


Tyre Condition and Set Pressures (including Spare)


Test Drive - including Checking of all Systems and Controls


Average Cost of Replaceable Items


Average Cost of Performed Work


Average Cost of the Hondatec Express Service


R = Replace
I = Inspect, and if necessary adjust, clean or lube (If replacement required, additional costs may be incurred).

Please Note:

  • The actual cost of the Hondatec Express Service depends on the model of your Honda and the actual cost of the replaceable items.
  • Items found faulty and/or worn after inspection may incur additional costs, and no item will be replaced without approval of the person identified in the actual work order.